Visit to Pusan: September 20-22, 2003

Departing from Seoul Station

On the train

Giant Baby

Hotel in Pusan: asleep

Looking out over south Pusan

Self-medicating with oral electrolytes after first bout with virus

With Mrs. Choe

With Mrs. Choe and Mrs. An

With Uncle Woong-bae

At Cheolma with Mrs. Choe, Mrs. Cho, Mrs. An

Back in Pusan: Family Pension

At the Haeundae McDs where Kate got her T-shirt

Familiar condos and hotel in distance

At Haeundae Beach


Three of us on the beach

Back at the pension

Where we once worked

Our old neighborhood

Youngjin Villa

New subway line to Haeundae

Haeundae Station

Sheepo popcorn

On the train to Seoul

Back to Alice's Place