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Alice: The First Six Months


Alice Charlotte Hanscom

Born 12:55 p.m., January 31, 2003
7 pounds, 4 ounces
20 inches long

Alice, Day 2

Alice on Film

Alice Returns Home

Alice, Hands and Feet (2/5/03)


Feb. 10-13

Auntie Elisa

Feb. 17-20, Grandmothers and Auntie Kate

Feb. 20 Group Photos

Nana and Alice

All Feet

Going for a Walk

Various, March 1-6

Bearchair Series, etc., March 6-11

Baby Sling

Church, Denim, Etc.

March 29-30

March 30

Uncle Paul, Uncle Ogu

Face Time

Alice Meets Grampie

Dana Point, April 7-8

April Pictures

Visit from Maine

Visit from Maine Part II

April 25-May 3

Alice Meets Isabella

Four generations

100 Day Celebration

May 14-26, 2003

Baptism: June 1, 2003

Flying Baby

Jumping Baby

Various, June 8-9

Angels vs. Phillies

Riding the horse

June 15, Joe's BBQ

Early Summer Travels: OH WVa NJ NY

Alice in Maine: Swimming

Miscellaneous in Maine

Miscellaneous in Maine II

Miscellaneous in Maine III